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Beijing Supower Technology Co. Ltd (SUPOWER) is Jiangsu Shuangliang Group’s subsidiary (Shuangliang Group has 18 subsidiaries, including 2 public listed companies in Chinese Stock Exchange Market), with its head office located in Beijing and branch office located in Shanghai.

SUPOWER management has many years’ oversea project experience, especially in power industry. SUPOWER’s primary businesses include project contracting, international trade and services. SUPOWER has undertaken many power generation projects, such as coal-fired power plant, gas turbine power plant, hydroelectric power, wind power, biomass power plant, distributed power system, and energy-saving & emission-reduction. International trade also plays an important role in Beijing Supower’s business. We deal in manufcture, shipbuilding, autombile and components, heavy machinery & agriculture machinery, raw materials import and so on. With projects performed these years, SUPOWER offers professional services to many countries and regions around the world.

SUPOWER also develops the capacity in resource integration and utilization. Combining its project contracting capabilities & extensive global marketing networks, SUPOWER has developed a comprehensive industrial chain and has fostered unique business values and competitive market advantages.

Powered with sophisticated and professional large project management expertise, strong engineering design capabilities, sound financing capacities and persistent endeavors, SUPOWER has been selected as a preferred partner for a great number of projects both at home and abroad.